Advent Migration: Why migrate?

Why do people migrate?  

We are in the midst of a huge migration of the human population at this time.  Why are so many people migrating?

There are two basic reasons for migration.  You need to get away from something, to leave something behind.  Or you are going to something, there is something you want and you are going to it.  We see both of these dynamics at work today.

Many people love their homes and their homeland but they must leave because of war or violence or drought or some other danger or peril.  They cannot continue to keep living where they are living safely.  So, they migrate.  They leave to seek a new home in a place that is safe and where they can live and flourish.  

There are also people who migrate because there is something they really want in a new location.  Maybe they get involved in a relationship with someone who lives in another city or country.  And they decide to migrate to be with that significant other.  Maybe it is a wonderful job opportunity that motivates migration to a new place.  Here in Florida we know that many people migrate because of the weather.  They are looking for more warmth and sunshine.  

And sometimes migration involves both the push and the pull.  There are things that need to be left behind AND there are things to look forward to ahead.  

In this season of Advent, we are thinking about migrating closer to Jesus.  Are there things we need to get away from, to leave behind?  Are there things that are drawing us forward, closer to the way of Jesus and the love that he shows us?  Very likely we have both of these motivations going on.  This is a time to think about your journey.  Where have you been?  What do you want to leave behind that is holding you back from life full and free?  How do you feel you are being drawn to your heart of love?  


Seeking to live and flourish, may we make our way toward Jesus this Advent season.  Amen.  

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