Advent Migration: Finding Elizabeth

In the stories in the Bible around Jesus’ birth, there are several narratives that involve travel and migration.  One is the story of Mary going from Nazareth to visit her kinswoman Elizabeth.  [Luke 1:39-56]  We have been told that Elizabeth, in her old age, is about to become a mother for the first time.  She will give birth to John the Baptizer who will prepare the way for Jesus and announce his coming.  

So the story tells us that pregnant Mary goes to visit pregnant Elizabeth.  When Mary arrives, we are told that the baby leaps in Elizabeth’s womb, so she knows that Mary and her baby are special.  She proclaims this to Mary.  And so Mary receives validation from Elizabeth that Divine Love is at work in her life.  That she is part of a larger plan.  That she is fulfilling the role she is needed for.  Her visit to Elizabeth is very helpful to her.

This story reminds us of our need to have our ministry, our calling, our serving, affirmed and validated by others.  This helps us to know that we are doing what we are needed to do.  It is important that we listen to others who are validating Divine Love at work in our lives.  Where might this kind of affirmation come from?  We don’t know!  It could come from anywhere, so we want to be attuned to that kind of validation.  

The story of Elizabeth and Mary also reminds us that we are needed to listen to others and affirm their calling and their role in creating the commonwealth of God on earth.  We are needed to help others know that they are needed to serve for the greater good.  

We never know who may cross our path; what conversation may come our way.  We want to be aware of the potential for validating Divine Love at work in our lives, the lives of others, and in the world.  


Seeking to live and flourish, may we make our way toward Divine Love this Advent season.  Amen.  

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