Advent Migration: The Body

In the Christmas story, there is a birth.  Birth is a very physical process definitely involving the body.  When we think of migration, particularly physical migration, from one place to another, we are talking about moving our bodies.  We are talking about our bodies moving from one location to another.

Migration has a strong component of embodiment.  And this reminds us that our bodies play a significant role in our life migration.  As we grow from children to youth to adults, our bodies take on new capabilities.  In some sense, our physical characteristics may significantly define us.  Maybe we are very tall.  Or very well coordinated for playing sports.  Skin color, hair, a birth mark, and other physical characteristics, these things can impact our lives in perhaps unexpected ways.  And then toward the later end of the life cycle, our bodies may lose some of their capabilities and again this requires adjustment and adaptation.  

We are human creatures.  Christmas is a celebration of word made flesh.  Incarnation.  Embodiment of Divine Love.  In flesh and bone and blood.  While our physical characteristics may contribute to our life experience, we also realize that health and health issues have a significant impact on how we make our migration through the living of our days.  Illness, disease, changing physical abilities, pain, these things significantly impact the living of our days.  

Living through an experience of illness can provide much learning and wisdom.  Care taking is a great teacher.  Our physical challenges teach us to care for ourselves and others.  We may learn to see life from a different perspective.  It may become more precious.  In losing a physical ability, we may gain spiritual awareness and insight.  Our journey through life, in our body, is very much part of our migration through the life cycle.  

We want to remember that migration involves the body.  Our bodies change.  This may influence how we are making our way.  Are we taking care of our bodies?  What is the state of our health?  What can we do to make health care more affordable and more accessible to everyone in our country so that all get the care they need?  How do we as the church promote physical health and wellness in our congregations and in the world?  How do we make sure that people can live full lives even with diminishing physical abilities?  

This Advent season may we consider our bodies.  Where are our bodies on their migration through the life cycle?  How can we be healthy, physically, socially, and spiritually?  How can we promote the health of the body in the wider world?  


Seeking to live and flourish, may we make our way toward Jesus this Advent season.  Amen.  

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