Advent Migration: Are We There Yet?

There are many dimensions to the theme of migration.  As we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus, we want to think about what Jesus asks of us in terms of migration.  Through his life and his ministry, Jesus invites people to follow him.  This is not just a literal following, walk with him.  It is also a figurative following.  Live by the values he teaches.  Follow his way of loving all people, even enemies.  Forgive.  We can stay where we are physically and still have a long way to go in following Jesus.  

The way of Jesus was a radical departure from most of the thinking and values of his day.  And the Jesus way is still a radical departure today from the values and lifestyle of current western society.  So while we may migrate physically from one place to another, and while our bodies change over the course of the life span, the most significant migration we make may be in our thinking.

Migrating toward Jesus may mean drastic changes to our values, our attitudes, and our assumptions – about money, about people, about guns, about sex, about food, and about MANY other things!   

Jesus is showing us how to see ourselves and the world in a fundamentally new way.  As we think about coming to the end of our advent migration this year, it is a time to think about what changes we need to make in our thinking and in our behavior so that we migrate ever closer to Jesus and his way of unconditional, universal love for all people and for Creation.   


Seeking to live and flourish, may we make our way toward Jesus this Advent season.  Amen.  

One thought on “Advent Migration: Are We There Yet?”

  1. Dear Rev. Kim, I see you are still advocating the justice doing of following Jesus. Is your congregation part of a D.A.R.T. network? Is it called FAST there? In Knoxville our congregation is a member of a D.A.R.T. model called Justice Knox. Thinking of you and wishing all the best. Sincerely, Rev. Marcia Free


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