Evan Kinney & Van Burchfield Concert and Workshop

Evan Kinney with Van Burchfield, Old-Time Banjo Workshop and Concert at Lakewood United Church of Christ:  “Georgia Old-Time Repertoire”

Date: Saturday, August 17th

Time: Workshop: 4-6PM Concert: 7-9PM

Admission: Pay at door; cash or check only Workshop: $20 Concert (suggested donation): $20 Both Concert and Workshop Package Deal: $30

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Evan Kinney grew up in a family of old time music in his native Kennesaw, Georgia. He learned from his father at an early age and has continued to hone his skills by studying the eccentric playing of 20’s recording artists such as John Dilleshaw, The Skillet Lickers and Earl Johnson. Evan has performed with bands such as The Griddle Lickers, Georgia Crackers and Dixieland Squirrel Skinners and has taught and performed traditional music at The Blue Ridge Old Time Week in Mars Hill, John C. Campbell, The Alabama Folk School, Festival of American Fiddle Tunes and The Brooklyn Folk Fest.
Guitarist and 78 rpm record collector, Van Burchfield will be accompanying Evan.

Van Burchfield has learned a great deal about hillbilly and blues music from listening to records and most recently has been performing jazz and ragtime in New Orleans with groups like the Big Dixie Swingers and Crazy Arms.

As a duo, Evan and Van perform southern breakdowns, rags and novelty songs from the turn of the 20th century.

“Georgia Old-Time Repertoire”

Evan and Van will discuss and teach lesser known old time tunes from the state of Georgia. Evan and his father have spent a great portion of their time digging up and learning obscure tunes from field recordings and transcriptions from masters such as Frank Malloy of Tifton, GA and Art Rosenbaum of Athens, GA and take great pride in bringing them into the spotlight for all to enjoy. We will break down the tunes into segments for rapid learning and discuss bowing patterns, syncopations and chord choices before moving on to playing them up to speed. All instruments welcome. Video and audio recording is allowed but please refrain from posting on social media.

Lakewood United Church of Christ Concert Series:

This concert and workshop is part of the Lakewood United Church of Christ Concert Series.


LUCC Concert Series invite Old-Time, Blues, Blue Grass, Folk and Country musicians, emerging and obscure in spirit to celebrate and promote Americana music and musicians from all over the United States. 

Concerts at Lakewood United Church of Christ (LUCC) is $20 suggested donation at the door. All proceeds benefit the musicians. Doors open at 6:30PM, show at 7PM. 

Lakewood United Church of Christ Concert Series


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