Fun Socks at Maximo Open House

Giving out crazy socks at Maximo Elementary’s open house was a great and meaningful event.  A lot of energy there! There were many highlights ~ the little boy squealing when he found the pair he wanted; the small child giving Claudia a big hug; the parent who looked over the church brochure and was heard saying “This church is in my neighborhood.”  It was a super start for our ministry with Maximo on many levels.

The community liaison, Ms. Jones, confirmed that there are 80 homeless children at the school.  Lakewood UCC collected over 350 socks.  The school is having crazy Sock day this week on Tuesday.  The children who come to school without a pair of crazy socks will be given a pair by the school social worker. 

Thank you Claudia Rodriguez, Patti Cooksey, Emily Bell, and Olivia Gibson for attending the Open House at Maximo Elementary and giving away fun socks donated by the congregation.

Claudia Rodriguez, Patti Cooksey, Emily Bell, and Olivia Gibson 

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