Weekly Update 9/18

This Sunday: Who Was Jesus?  This is the theme for Sunday for the service and Church School.  Our religion is based on a person who was a Palestinian peasant in a backwater region of the Roman Empire.  How amazing the impact this man is still having today in our lives and in our world!  

New Members: LUCC joyfully received two new members into the church family last Sunday.  A warm welcome to Barbara Donohue and William Owen. 

Peace Sing A Long: Come to church early, at 10:15 a.m. on September 22nd, to sing songs in honor of International Day of Peace which is Sept. 21.  Be part of celebrating peace in song!

Maximo Elementary: Needs MentorsThe administration of Maximo Elementary School has let LUCC know that they are in need of mentors.  What is involved in being a mentor?  It involves a consistent weekly commitment to have lunch with a student which takes about 30 minutes.  You can choose the day of the week and the time – lunch begins at 10:30 and ends at 1:00.  If someone cannot make a weekly commitment, they can share the mentor role with another person and work out a mutually agreeable schedule.  A mentor needs to watch a mentoring video and have a background check as well as a consistent commitment.  So, a mentor can positively impact a student’s life in just 30 minutes a week.  To find out more about being a mentor, please contact LUCC member Emily Bell at emilybb641@gmail.com

Singing to the Homebound: This week Randy Wilson will be singing to those from the congregation that are homebound.  We are grateful for this ministry.  You are welcome to join in:  Menorah Manor on Thursday at 2:00. Westminster Suncoast on Friday.  And Ann Rogers’ house on Sunday after church.  Contact Patti Cooksey 727-798-9321 or cooksepa@eckerd.edu or Kim Wells 727-776-7890 or wells.kim.p@gmail.com for more details.

World Climate Strike: Be part of the global strike calling attention to global warming.  Join folks from LUCC with the church banner at a one hour demonstration at City Hall in St. Petersburg 175 5th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Friday Sept. 20 at noon.  Please contact the church if you would like to carpool from the church.  727-867-7961 0r lakewooducc@gmail.com

Mountain Dulcimer Lessons: Second lesson with master mountain music master Randy Wilson for mountain dulcimer. Bring your dulcimer and a music stand and willingness to play! $10 suggested donation! All levels welcome. Join us September 24th at 4:00 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.

Kitchen Update: The commercial gas range has been sold.  The church will move forward with additional kitchen modifications that comply with the fire code and make the kitchen more user friendly.  

Lakewood Day Trippers: Patti Cooksey and Carol Shores would like to offer day trip opportunities to visit old Florida attractions, for entertainment and education to destinations that can be traveled to and toured in a day trip to the Lakewood congregation and friends.

LUCC Joins Pinellas Coalition for Immigrant Justice: At their meeting last Sunday, the LUCC Advisors endorsed LUCC becoming a sponsor of the newly formed Pinellas Coalition for Immigrant Justice.  COALITION MISSION STATEMENT: “We advocate that all people who approach our borders receive compassionate, just, and dignified treatment, whether asylum seekers, refugees, or those in search of a better life.”  Many thanks to Sue Sherwood for being LUCC’s liaison to the Coalition.  Patti Cooksey, Lucille Ruga, and Carol Shores have also been involved.  There will be opportunities for the church to engage in advocacy in the weeks ahead.

Ali Kafka & Sarah Gwendolyn Concert: Ali Kafka and Sarah Gwendolyn are happy to be able to share what they do as they travel along, and as they develop more of a musical identity as a duo. Listeners can expect rousing fiddle tunes, sultry blues duets, and maybe a dash of country harmony singing. The concert begins at 7:00 p.m. on September 13th. Suggested donation of $20. All proceeds go to the artist. Please feel free to contact the church with any questions! lakewooducc@gmail.com or call at 727-867-7961.

Come Out St. Pete: This street festival and parade will be taking place Saturday Oct. 5 on Central Ave. between 22 and 31st Sts.  Wally Leblanc will be having a booth that will include information about the church.  If you can help volunteer at the booth, please let Wally know.  wally503x@gmail.com Many thanks!

Operation Attack: Operation Attack is very much in need of clothes for men, boys, and girls as well as diapers and peanut butter and canned fruit. Donations may be placed in the shopping cart in the entryway to the sanctuary. Operation Attack is an ecumenical effort serving families with children located a Lakeview Presbyterian Church, 1310 22nd. Ave. S., St. Petersburg. LUCC was a founding member of Operation Attack in the 1960’s!

Hearing Augmentation: Devices are available from the usher in the sanctuary during worship.

September Birthdays: Kim Wells 9/19, Joanne Reid 9/22, Wilbur Reid 9/22, Donald Ritchie 9/27, and Carlolyn Moore 9/30. Someone missing? Contact the church office with birthday information.

Circle of Concern: Sherry Santana, Roger Jackle, Jen DeGroot, Carolyn Moore, Ann Quinn, Maggie Brizendine, and Ann Rogers.

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Weekly Update: If you are involved with an activity or event that you would like to share with the LUCC family, please send the information to the church office by Tuesday since the Update usually is sent out on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update 9/18”

  1. Iam, a member of Douglas ucc , in Douglas,/Saugatuck mi. A resort town, on Lake Mi., a very open, affirming, church, as yours, our pastor Sal, in 5 yrs., has brought our congregation, from 35, to 250, so being in fl. From oct. Until may 1st. Need to find a church, winter home is Bellaire, so anxious to attend, your service mid Oct., our family, has been in the area, since the 60s.


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