Weekly Update 11/20

This Sunday:  Sunday, Nov. 24, will be a celebration of Thanksgiving.  As part of the service, the congregation is invited to bring something that represents what they are thankful for and place it on the altar.  Rituals of Thanksgiving are especially significant when times are challenging.  This is an opportunity to uplift one another. 

Advent/Christmas Season Ahead: “Come Home for the Holidays”Sunday Dec. 1 is the First Sunday of Advent.  This is a 4 week season of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Following worship on Dec. 1, the sanctuary will be decorated for the season.  Plan to stay to be part of the festivities.  There will also be an opportunity to make ornaments.  Please pick up a collection can to use for the Christmas Eve offering which will provide rent, utility, and other assistance to people in the congregation and the community.  This assistance helps people to have a home and to feel connected to others as family.  After all, we are one human family and everyone deserves a home.  Look for additional information about the season soon!  

Advisors for 2020: It’s time to think about who will serve as advisors for the church for 2020.  The advisors are responsible for overseeing the life of the church including finances, personnel, property and grounds, and other administrative concerns.  In addition, they help to “advise” about all aspects of church life.  The term is for one year.  Are there people you would like to see serving as advisors next year?  Would you like to serve as an advisor?  There are forms available at church for you to fill out with the names of people you would like to see as advisors including yourself.  Please put the forms in the Leadership Selection envelope on the bulletin board at church.  The names suggested will provide the pool of people to be considered to serve for the next year.  Many thanks for your participation in this important process at LUCC!

Winter Wonderland: Maximo Elementary will open up a “Winter Wonderland”  room at the school for their children the third week in December.  The room will be filled with  donated toys and gifts ranging from  small things like books and games to large items like bicycles and helmets.  Children at the school are receiving tickets earned for good behavior.  These tickets will be used to select toys and gifts for family members, friends and themselves.

LUCC’s Education Ministry Team  will be collecting unwrapped toys and gifts  that folks bring to church the next four Sundays.  These will be delivered to the school.  If you are unable to shop but want to give a toy/gift  give  a donation  to the church and designate it  for “winter wonderland.”  Help plant a seed of wonder in a child’s life!  Thanks everyone!

Congratulations Jim Andrews: In September of this year, Jim Andrews completed the process for commissioning and ordination with the Federation of Christian Ministries (FCM).  FCM is a progressive organization which ordains chaplains and others involved in public ministry.  Jim is grateful to everyone at LUCC for their encouragement and support through the years.  

Letter Writing: A letter writing station has been set up at church. Look for opportunities to share your faith perspective on immigration, the environment, and gun safety with elected officials.

Mountain Dulcimer Lessons Bring your dulcimer and a music stand and willingness to play! Join us for a great lesson on Wednesday November 20th at 4:00 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.

 Roy Book Binder Concert: The concert begins at 7:00 p.m. on December 6th. Suggested donation of $20. All proceeds go to the artist. Please feel free to contact the church with any questions! lakewooducc@gmail.com or call at 727-867-7961.

Operation Attack: Operation Attack is very much in need of clothes for men, boys, and girls as well as diapers and peanut butter and canned fruit. Donations may be placed in the shopping cart in the entryway to the sanctuary. LUCC volunteer nights include sorting clothes and bagging food. All are welcome to volunteer! The next opportunities are Nov. 13 and Dec. 4 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Operation Attack is an ecumenical effort serving families with children located at Lakeview Presbyterian Church, 1310 22nd. Ave. S., St. Petersburg. LUCC was a founding member of Operation Attack in the 1960’s!

Hearing Augmentation: Devices are available from the usher in the sanctuary during worship.

November Birthdays: Lucille Ruga 11/9, Emily Bell 11/15, Sue Sherwood 11/15, Maurice Gunyon 11/16, Ed Kaspar 11/21, Lorne Palmer 11/21, Bert Lee 11/22, Bill Lindsay 11/23, Wally LeBlanc 11/23, Kai’Lyn Washington 11/27, Jane Diven 11/29. Someone missing? Contact the church office with birthday information.

Circle of Concern: Tony Rogers, David Rowland, Sherry Santana, Jen DeGroot, Carolyn Moore, Ann Quinn, Maggie Brizendine, and Ann Rogers.

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Weekly Update: If you are involved with an activity or event that you would like to share with the LUCC family, please send the information to the church office by Tuesday since the Update usually is sent out on Wednesday.

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