Advent Devotion 3

Giving Tuesday?

Sales the day after Thanksgiving have been a long time cultural phenomenon.  Then the sales backed up to Thanksgiving Day itself.  Then in response to “Black Friday” and all of the sales action at big box and chain stores, local businesses started promoting Shop Local Saturday.  For some reason, Sunday has become a bit of a breather before Cyber Monday when on-line retailers get their turn.  After a shopping orgy of multiple days, when people over spend and over consume and run up their credit cards and buy things for themselves and others to fill already overstuffed houses, closets, and lives, we get to giving Tuesday.  It’s like a cleanse after over consumption.  A salve for the conscience, penance.  Instead of getting something, people are encouraged to give something – if they have anything left!  One day of giving to balance multiple days of spending.  Hm.  

When Jesus was confronted with hungry people, he didn’t tell them, come back in three days, that’s the day we provide food.  When someone needed healing, he didn’t tell them, sorry, I don’t work on the weekends.  When people needed forgiveness, Jesus didn’t tell them that’s only available on the Sabbath.  Jesus was about giving on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  

So, go ahead and make some donations on Giving Tuesday and don’t forget a gift to the church.  But don’t stop there.  Every day is Giving Day when you are a follower of Jesus.

PrayerGive some thought to the organizations that you support including the church.  Think about the good that is done and all the people who benefit.  Remember that you are created in the image of a generous God.  We see that God in Jesus.  That God is in us, too.  Amen.


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