Advent Devotion 2

Advent Devotion 12.2.19

On Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus igniting a bus boycott in Montgomery, AL.  In those cold days of winter people walked and carpooled and biked to where they needed to go.  This was extremely inconvenient, costly, and physically demanding for many.  In addition, this initiative kicked off at the busiest time of the year – the lead up to Christmas when there is so much to do and so little time.  I wonder if you could get people in any major city in America today to engage in such an act of nonviolent protest.  

As it turned out, the bus boycott lasted 381 days.  No one knew it would go on that long or it might never have been started.  It may be even more shocking to Parks and others who participated in the boycott that a statue in her honor was unveiled on Dec. 1, 2019 in downtown Montgomery.

Rosa Parks is known for saying, “Each person must live their life as a model for others.”  She certainly did that.  

In this Advent season we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  He is a model for us.  He shows us how we are to live.  And when we follow him, we become a model for others.  We may never know the outcome of what we do, or the effect we have on others, or the impact that may result.  That’s hard to sell in an outcome based society that lives and breathes the metrics of measurable goals.

 This season is a time to consider how we are modeling the unconditional, universal love of Jesus to the world.  Regardless of the outcome. 

PrayerGive some thought to the hold racism still has over US society and everyone in it.  Pray that we all may be liberated from this evil.  Consider how you can model antiracism for others.  Pray for the courage, fortitude, and stamina for this important work.  Amen.  

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