2019 Advent Devotion 16

Too busy?

Are you too busy? This is a bad time of year to ask that. Of course we are busy! But are we TOO busy? Are the days so full that there isn’t enough time for rest? For healthy eating? For church? For self-care? For quiet? For exercise? For friends and family? For music? For whatever feeds the soul?

I had to admit to my daughter today that I have done nothing about Christmas presents for my family. With one exception. The 6 month old grandchild. “That’s all that matters,” she said. Whew! I hope her brothers and her husband feel that way!

What is too busy? I heard something in passing on the radio that mentioned being too busy for beauty. I think that is a good definition of TOO busy. When we are too busy for beauty, we are too busy. When we are too busy to notice the beauty of nature, the beauty of a smile, the beauty of art or music, the beauty of a kind word, we are simply too busy.

For me, this time of year the test of ‘too busy for beauty’ is Christmas lights. I love Christmas lights. When I am too busy to notice Christmas lights when I am driving at night, I am too busy. When I am too busy to go out of my way a few blocks to see some beautiful lights, I am too busy. When I am too busy to turn on the Christmas lights at our house, I am too busy.

What does too busy mean for you? We should never be too busy for beauty.

There is so much beauty in this life and in this holy season. Amidst our busy-ness, may we still notice the beauty around us. Jesus saw beauty in every person. May we look at the world with his eyes. Amen.

Author: Rev. Wells

Pastor of Lakewood United Church of Christ since 1991. Graduate of Wellesley College and Union Theological Seminary of New York.

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