Viennese Ladies’ Ländler and Ecossaises

I’m so lucky to get to play and direct at Lakewood UCC because they are the most accepting and forgiving audience one could ever hope to have. Forgiving you can tell from all my mistakes (especially in today’s selection) and accepting because they put up with my occasional kilts and t-shirts and leisure pants and moccasins but also my VERY eclectic taste in music (some might say “no taste” in music). I get to program almost anything I want, from my own music, through the Grateful Dead through J.S. Bach. Today selection is an example. When I do this one, some of the ladies in the congregation get up and spontaneously start dancing in the style. I love working there!!!

Author: Hilton Kean Jones

Composer and performer, retired college music professor, lyricist.

One thought on “Viennese Ladies’ Ländler and Ecossaises”

  1. I love the four square beat of these. Makes me think of doing ballet bar exercises as a
    small chubby person who was dreaming of a tutu with sparkles on it. My godmother Ethel, an opera singer, provided it. Ever after there were sparkles all over our house.


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