An Easter Sunday Call to Worship

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you safe and well amidst a mindful and reverent Maundy Thursday. We are praying that the hope, praise, and joyful resistance of Easter Sunday finds you and your church families!

Attached is a link for an Easter Call to Worship featuring 37 voices throughout the Florida Conference. We invite you to use and share this video however you would like.

We are asking that you share this link on Easter Sunday (and not before!) in any and every way you would be so inclined (Social Media, etc.).

We ask you to wait until Easter before sharing so that we can collectively give the upcoming days of Holy Week their due reverence, so that we can allow (me) any necessary editing between now and Easter, and so that we can optimize and maximize the spread of our message by sharing our voices (and our video!) at once!

For those of you who are compiling a video to be uploaded for your congregation’s service, I have attached a link to download the file. Please, however, refrain from sharing this hard copy, and instead, when you share, utilize our YouTube Link.

Our Youtube link to be shared on Easter Sunday (And not before, please. 🙂 ) is:

For those of you who need to download the file for worship on Sunday, your access link is:

We are praying for you and here if there is anything we can do to support you and your ministries.

Easter is Coming,

Neal Watkins Minister for Faith Formation Florida Conference, UCC 772-559-0875

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