Care Team Makes a Visit

Last Sunday, the Care Team took to the road.  The group, all in individual cars, went to Westminster Suncoast and parked outside and gathered, 6 feet apart with masks, near the old entrance.  Folks from the church that live in the Suncoast community gathered on the other side of the fence.  It was a shady spot.

Warm greetings were shared from the two sides of the fence.  The Care Team had signs and cheers to offer.  After catching up with everyone and glorying in being able to actually see one another, the gathering ended in prayer.

 The Care Team had a wonderful time and was so happy to see the faces of some of our beloved community!

One thought on “Care Team Makes a Visit”

  1. Wonderful to have a group like that visit us at our home (just outside the fence) and share songs, prayers, and spiritual energy with those of us ‘behind the wall’
    We were able to attend ‘church’ in a safe way.
    Thanks everyone,


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