#173 NCH Pescador

I’m re-recording some of the hymns I recorded and posted earlier in the pandemic, but as video, not just audio files. It seems that videos I’ve posted of music get way more clicks than pure audio posts. So…that’s okay. I don’t mind putting on a nice shirt and combing my hair if it makes it easier for folks to listen to the music.

If you have hymn requests, please email them via the church website (https://lakewooducc.org/contact/). Can’t promise I’ll do them all, but will definitely try to cover as many as I can.

This is #173 in the New Century Hymnal if you’ve checked out a hymnal during the pandemic and wish to sing along. Just humming along is okay, too.

Author: Hilton Kean Jones

Composer and performer, retired college music professor, lyricist.

2 thoughts on “#173 NCH Pescador”

  1. Thank you so much for this, Hilton, and all the beautiful music you have shared especially during this time in our lives. The spirit of peace and hope resonate in each piece, but I have to say this is my favorite. I think it was one, if not the first one you played when this Covid crisis began. I remember I was walking down to Clam Bayou alone before the sun had risen and I began to cry when this played The music was so beautiful I was overcome with great peace and comfort. Today I smiled as I listened. I realize the beauty and love in this music has brought me through—and I know you’ll keep playing on!!!!! Thank you. Peace and love to you ❤️

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