LUCC Library Project

Beginning this past summer, Claire Stiles, Colleen Coughenour, and Patti Cooksey have been working to renew the LUCC Library and create and expand a useful, relevant, and appealing space for meetings, library resources, and reading/book discussions.  To that end, the process has involved:

  • removing all books from the shelves
  • recycling and disposing of some of the outdated and in poor condition collection
  • reorganizing and recategorizing the remaining works
  • reshelving all resources after cleaning storage spaces

In addition a replacement table and chairs, wall display shelves, floor lamp, new signage, and perhaps artwork will be added to this space in the future.  Also, the alcove in the hallway now holding a shopping cart may be replaced with shelving to accommodate the donations as well as current books, magazines, and other resources of interest.  Future plans may include the possibility of setting up a small reading, social circle area in the sanctuary with comfortable chairs, coffee table, and small bookcase with current selections of interest.

The LUCC Library Mission statement has been approved by the Advisors and will guide the ongoing operation and use of this facility for the benefit of the congregations and friends.

LUCC Library Mission Statement

The mission of the LUCC Library is to support the greater mission of Lakewood United Church of Christ by providing print and digital resources for congregation members and friends of the church to assist them on their spiritual path and a deeper understanding of life and faith.  The library collection will primarily reflect the values of our faith tradition as well as broaden perspectives on other faiths, cultures, and social issues to challenge assumptions and open minds and hearts to other worldviews.  Those seeking growth and development and whose curiosity leads to a desire for an expansion of knowledge and wisdom may find sources of inspiration in the library collection. 

Providing timely and relevant resources for individual and family use can encourage, enrich, and reinforce our efforts to work toward peace and justice, stewardship of the earth, environmental sustainability, inclusive love, care of self and others, and the celebration of diversity.

To this end, the LUCC library will strive for the following:

  • Be organized, well-maintained, and user friendly
  • Keep a collection of resources that are timely, relevant, of interest of our congregation, and updated
  • Be accessible at regular times for use and checkout of materials
  • Be welcoming, attractive, and comfortable
  • Opportunity for individuals to upgrade the collection with small gift for new materials monthly

In practical terms, the library will need the following:

  • Culling of current collection for outdated, unused, and irrelevant resources
  • Better lighting for reading (lamps)
  • One or two small comfortable chairs
  • Meeting Table with folding leaves (Claire to donate)
  • Folding chairs for meetings (need seat cushions, but 4 chairs are available temporarily)
  • One or two wall shelves to display current books and materials of interest
  • Chart posted of categories of materials and placement on shelves
  • Possible expansion of collection into hallway on small shelf (alcove where grocery cart currently sits)
  • Possible expansion into corner of sanctuary with small shelf, and a few chairs and coffee table

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