Introducing our Little Free Library!

In addition to the updated and comfortable library for members and friends of Lakewood inside our doors, a Little Free Library now stands in front of our office under the windows facing Caesar Way South. The box is a reclaimed Tampa Bay Times tabloid dispenser that was donated to St. Pete Shush*, a small organization that has distributed 130 Little Free Libraries throughout St. Petersburg.  Lucille Learned that the driving force behind St. Pete Shush, Kristine Dowham, was planning on rehabbing and distributing 30 new libraries for her 30th birthday. In early January Kristine placed Lakewood UCC on the list.  On Sunday, January 31st, our deep purple box was delivered and mounted on a platform of large pavers provided by Claire Stiles.  Soon, our location will be posted on the international Little Free Library online map so seekers of a book exchange from all over can find it, now stocked with a variety for all ages and all tastes, awaiting readers who are invited in bold white letters to TAKE A BOOK and  SHARE A BOOK.

*Shush is the collective noun for a group of librarians, like a pride of lions or a school of fish.

2 thoughts on “Introducing our Little Free Library!”

  1. So pleased for LUCC having a LFL box to provide free books in our neighborhood!
    Yhanks again to Lucille for launching this project!


  2. Wonderful to have a little library for the neighborhood or passers-by.! Thank you, Lucille and Claire and LUCC and Kristine and St. Pete Shush! It takes a village☺️


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