LUCC Earth Day Celebration Campfire

Claire Stiles, Barbara Donohue, Bert Lee, Kay Rencken, Bill Parsons, and Kim Wells.

Last Friday evening there was a beautiful celebration of Earth Day at the church around a camp fire.  Participants shared poems and readings that honor the earth.  Then there was time to write a love letter to the earth.  These letters were shared and then tossed into the fire as an offering of gratitude to the earth.  

One of the things celebrated about the earth is how it provides food.  Kim Wells had locally grown organic bananas from Jubilee Farms where Malcolm works to share with everyone.  Then, it was on to roasted marshmallows!

It was a poignant evening of deep sharing created a stronger bond among those who were there and between those who were there and the earth.

Dear Mother Earth,

Today is Earth Day and once again I am at Pass-a-Grille Beach awaiting the sunset and the bell to ring, reminding me of another beautiful day you provided.  As you know, last year the bell did not ring; there were few people in sight. A deadly airborne virus was roaring across the world, as was fear. But there was something else sweeping across the land, the waters, the air, the sky.  At the silent sunset, I thought of the beauty, fresh air to fill our lungs.  The rising and setting sun to bring hope each day.  I have been no stranger to these blessings and events you provide each day. But today, Earth Day 2021, I realize that the isolation and fear of the past year has helped me see more clearly the wondrous joys and blessings you provide.  The human touch and full human face had gone from my life, but you were there to touch me with gentle breezes and powerful winds, falling rain, radiant sunshine, and the ripple of the waters. These unmasked gifts calmed my fears and opened my heart to the loving, nurturing earth.  What I want to say is, “Thank you. Thank you for the air and light that has brought me through.”  The bell is ringing now, and I am sending my love up to you in a prayer.  Patti

April 30, 2021
Dear Mother Earth,

How grateful am I for all the beauty and abundance you provide to me and all
“earthlings” to sustain and uplift our lives. The warmth of sunshine, the green of
plants and trees, the color of flowers, the expanses of great waters, the arising of
mountains high, the cooling of breezes, and the songs of birds delight and inspire
me daily. It is only in falling in love with you that we will have the passion and
desire to protect and honor you. For you are LIFE and you CREATE and NURTURE
all life!

May I remember the relationship that Native American people of all tribes and
nations have with you Mother Earth. And like the ancient people of all times, love
and appreciate you in all your mystery and magnificence.
Please forgive me and all others who have taken you for granted and have
harmed and degraded the earth. I weep at our abuse and neglect, at the pollution
and climate change, at the ugliness and destruction we have brought upon the
earth. May we work together to heal you and ourselves and to insure sustainable
life for all creatures in all generations to come. Help us to mend our self-
centered, anthropocentric ways and to open our hearts to embrace all of creation
as equal and as of value.
So Be it.

A Grateful Daughter of the Earth,
Claire Ann Stiles

Dear Earth,

Thank you for grounding me daily – giving me the lessons of the birds and animals and plants that go about their growth and do just as they need to without thought, without coercion.

Thank you for the beauty and stormy variety of the clouds here in Florida- I have felt as if I never had paid attention to the sky before. Thank you for your benevolence in the face of our cruel insults to your ways. Forgive us and may we mend OUR ways sooner rather than later.

Love, Barbara

Thank you earth for the food from the ground, and especially all the delicious fruits produced on the lands.

Dear Mother Earth,

I think that I shall never see a letter as lovely as a tree.

25 years ago we planted the tree we are sitting under. This year we have planted a 10-foot live oak tree in our front yard to replace an old slashed pine tree that was dying and was in danger of falling over. In part this may be apart of the circle of life, but it also represents a small effort to replenish your abundance. By the time it reaches maturity, I‘m sure I’ll no longer be “middle-aged” but hopefully it will bring shade and shelter to future generations of bird and squirrels and others living on Narvarez Way S.

Letters are written by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree-

Grow on Narvarez Way S.

Dear Mother,

Through my life – in good and bad, happy and sad times, you have nurtured me. Sometimes, I have been more attentive to you. And sometimes you saved me. There are so many parts of you that lift me or surprise me…

The clouds,

The light and shadow on the Catalina’s

The water lapping at the ocean,

The cacti blooming,

The moon shimmering on the water, shining on the mountins, and smiling on me.

Planting a tree

The art of a sculpture of a dead tree-

arms outstretched to the heavens.

Snow on the desert

The hawk sitting quietly with us.

Gardens blooming,

A cool scented breeze,

Smells, sight, and sounds of a fire.


The rosy fingers of dawn,

Thankfulness, Gratefulness

I go to greet the day early when all is quiet. A coolness is about no matter the season.

I sit and soak it in for a few moments. I light a fire and think, plot, dream, and smile.

Beloved Earth

     You reveal to me

     You show me

     You teach me

     All I need to know

About myself










\.    power




You make the human construct ‘God’ real.  Alive.

      In you I am grounded.

      In you I float.

      In you I am home.

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