Visit To LUCC Member Martha Lamar

Patti Cooksey and Emily Bell recently ventured to the east coast to visit LUCC member Martha Lamar in her new community.

Emily, Martha, and Patti had a beautiful day visit filled with “Martha’s  Stories,”  Laughter,  and  Friendship, not to mention yummy fried chicken sandwiches  and apple pie with ice cream  drizzled with caramel sauce.  It was truly a sweet day  in every way with Martha in Melbourne, Fl.    In case you have not heard her precious dog, Little Bit, has passed on.  Martha loves her LUCC family and hopes to see the services soon on Facebook.  Patti and I think she could use a  few  notes of friendship connections at this time.

One thought on “Visit To LUCC Member Martha Lamar”

  1. What a wonderful get-together! Martha, we miss you and your stories! Emily, Patti, and Martha, thank you for keeping our LUCC connections alive and vibrant. 💞


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