Bulletin 11/21/2021


LIGHTING THE PEACE CANDLE Colleen Coughenour, liturgist

The sun brings forth the beginning
The moon holds it in darkness
As above, so below
For there is no greater magic in all the world
than that of people joined together in love.

Wiccan Blessing

PRELUDE We Gather Together Adrianus Valerius

CALL TO WORSHIP George Herbert, 1593-1633

Thou that hast given so much to me,
Give one thing more, a grateful heart.
Not thankful when it pleaseth me,
As if thy blessings had spare days;
But such a heart, whose pulse may be thy praise.

MUSICAL REFLECTION Come, O Thankful People, Come George Job Elvey

Response: God is good

Let us prepare ourselves for the word of God as it comes to us in
the reading of Holy Scripture. Our hearts and minds are open.

I Timothy 2:1-4

For the word of God in scripture, for the word of God among us,
for the word of God within us. Thanks be to God.

SERMON Aspirational Gratitude Rev. Kim P. Wells

RESPONSIVE READING Diocese of Juigalpa, Nicaragua

I give you thanks, Lord,
for my perfect arms
when so many have suffered mutilation.

For my perfect eyes
when so many cannot see.

For my voice that sings
when so many are reduced to silence.

For my hands that work
when so many beg.

O wondrous Lord,
to have a home, to return to it,
when there are so many brothers and sisters
who have no where to go.

To smile, to dream, to love,
when so many cry,
and so many hate each other.

Above all,
to have little to ask you for
and so much to thank you for.

MUSICAL INTERLUDE Now Thank We All Our God Johann Crüger


The mission of Lakewood United Church of Christ, as part of the Church
Universal is to:
• Celebrate the presence and power of God in our lives & in our world.
• Offer the hospitality and inclusive love of Christ to all people.
• Work for God’s peace and justice throughout creation.

Morning offerings and pledges may be brought forward and placed in
the plates on the altar. If you would like assistance, please turn to
someone seated near you.

Offertory We Plow the Fields and Scatter

Johann Abraham Peter Schulz

Prayer of Dedication W.E.B. Du Bois

Give us thankful hearts. . . in this the season of Thy Thanksgiving.
May we be thankful for health and strength, for sun and rain and
peace. Let us seize the day and the opportunity and strive for that
greatness of spirit that measures life not by its disappointments but
by its possibilities, and let us ever remember that true gratitude and
appreciation shows itself neither in independence nor satisfaction but
passes the gift joyfully on in larger and better form. Amen.

PREPARATION FOR PRAYER For the Beauty of the Earth Conrad Kocher

You are invited to write your prayer requests on the sheets provided in the
bulletin and bring them forward and place them in the basket on the altar.
Please observe physical distancing.


Our Father-Mother, who is in the heavens, may your name be made
holy. May your dominion come, may your will be done, on earth as it
is in Heaven. Give us today, the bread we need; and forgive us our
debts, as we have forgiven our debtors; and do not put us to the test,
but rescue us from evil. For yours is the dominion, and the power,
and the glory forever. Amen.

*BENEDICTION Angeles Arrien, adapted

Gratitude before us,
gratitude behind us,
gratitude to the left of us,
gratitude to the right of us,
gratitude above us,
gratitude below us,
gratitude within us,
gratitude all around us. Amen.

*POSTLUDE Sent Forth by God’s Blessings John Thomas

Circle of Concern: Deanna Moore, Ann Quinn who is under Hospice Care, Dave Radens, William Owen-Cowan, Jen Degroot, Carolyn Moore, Maggie Brizendine, Janet Hall, All those suffering from COVID-19 and all healthcare workers, Schools: Students, families, teachers, and staff


Facebook Live The 10:30 a.m. service is being streamed on Facebook Live.

Operation Attack OA needs donations of cereal, peanut butter, canned meat, fruit, vegetables and soup, dried beans, and mac/cheese. Donations may be placed on the shelf in the hallway at church.

Anti Racism Demonstrations – New Time The church offers a witness against racism with weekly demonstrations along the sidewalk of 54th Ave. S. Make your own sign or use one of the signs at the church. Demonstrations are held Sundays from 4:30-5. In case of rain, the demonstration will not be held that week.

Next Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent This sacred season of preparation for the birth of Jesus begins next Sunday. In a season of darkness, we prepare for the light. May we open ourselves to receiving the gifts of this holy season. For the safety and comfort of all, please wear a mask. Thank you!

Lakewood United Church of Christ 2601 54th Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712
727-867-7961 lakewooducc@gmail.com Lakewooducc.org
On land originally inhabited by the Tocabaga

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