Take Action on Rent Control in St. Petersburg

Urgent Call to Action: Email City Council Now to Support a Housing State of Emergency in St Petersburg

City confirms our emergency rent control ordinance is permitted under state statute and has been sent to housing committee for first hearing this Thursday.

Last week, City Council voted to proceed with the resolution that was approved on December 16, 2021 to review the legality of declaring a housing state of emergency in St Petersburg. City attorneys have completed their legal review and have confirmed that the referendum we provided in December is permitted under state statute and can proceed by passing a local ordinance. The issue has now been sent to the Housing, Land Use and Transportation Committee (HLUT) which will hold its first hearing on this critical issue Thursday, February 10 at 8am.


Housing Committee Meeting to Discuss Housing State of Emergency and Rent Control in St Petersburg

Thursday, February 10 • 8am
St Petersburg City Hall • 175 5th Street North

The People’s Council is calling on all residents to email City Council about the need for a housing state of emergency and rent control in St Petersburg. We also ask you to join the Housing, Land Use and Transportation Committee (HLUT) this Thursday at City Hall at 8am to show your support for this important cause. It is critical that the resolution receive enough support to pass through this committee or it could fail to make it to a final vote. Don’t let the housing state of emergency resolution stall in committee. Click below to send an email in a matter of minutes.


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