Lenten Devotion 3/8/2022

Lent Devotion Seven.

We recently listened to a webinar with Jane Goodall talking about her latest book about hope. In fact it’s called The Book of Hope. I like Goodall. She is very down to earth and practical. She is also visionary but in a way that is accessible for us common people. She makes lofty dreams seem mundane. I like that.

In the interview, Goodall was asked about the mantra, Think globally act locally. Here’s what she replied: “If you think globally you can’t help but be depressed.” She went on to say the adage should be turned around. Look locally. Act locally. Find something that you can do and work on locally. Getting involved makes you feel good. So you do more. And that inspires others. Then with that good feeling and solid start, you can “dare to think globally.”

I love that approach. Start small. Actually do something. And go from there. So often we look at the big whole thing and get overwhelmed and then binge watch a TV show to escape. Lent is a time to reflect. To start. Or to take another step. Maybe a small one. And then another. Maybe even a leap. But we can start with just turning our head toward God, toward Divine Love. And then the body. And then a step. We don’t have to make a whole go of it at once. Spend some time alone. Reflect. Do something to help someone. Offer an encouraging word. A smile. Then let it build. Become habit. And notice the change that comes. Perhaps in ways quite unexpected and surprising. You never know with the wildness of mercy. But don’t be afraid to start small.

Prayer: Think about something small that you can do, wherever you are on life’s journey, to move in the direction of Love. Take that step. Be grateful. Take another step. Don’t forget to show love for yourself as well as others. See where the path leads. It probably won’t be straight or narrow. Because mercy is wild. Amen.

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