Lenten Devotion 4.16.2022

Devotion Forty-Six
Saturday 4.16.22

In some churches it’s called Holy Saturday. No weddings or funerals held in churches this day. There are no services unless there is an Easter vigil at night.

This day is sort of a pause between Good Friday with the crucifixion and Easter with the resurrection. Maybe you will be dying Easter eggs or doing food preparation or making up Easter baskets. Getting ready for Easter.

For me, this is a time to remember the women in the Holy Week/Easter story. They were probably at the Last Supper. Cooking, serving, refilling the glasses, cleaning up. Very likely, they were around the edges for the arrest, the trial, Pilate offering clemency to Jesus. There is mention in the gospels of women being at the cross. Or perhaps near by. Watching. Witnessing events. Comforting each other. Jesus was probably aware of their presence. He was known for seeing those off to the side, ignored, discounted.

The women were probably also present when Jesus was buried. Again, observing. Present. Maybe in the background but there. A constant presence. Which is more than we can say for some of the men involved. . .

There are a few people in this life who will have a lot of money and will be amazingly generous philanthropists like MacKenzie Scott who has recently given an enormous sum to Habitat for Humanity in our area. There are a few people who will rise to power in politics and will make a huge difference in society like John Lewis. There are a few people who will become incredible social activists making strides for justice like Greta Thunberg. A few. Most of us are not going have that kind of power or impact.

We are more likely to be like the women around the crucifixion. Present. Paying attention. Serving and helping as we are able. Engaged. Open and available as needed. Offering support to each other. In solidarity through trauma and grief. Isn’t this how most ministry happens? And who finds the empty tomb? The ones who are faithful and attentive. And that has changed the world.

Today is a day to remember the women. And to hope to be counted among them.

We are grateful for those who remain faithful and provide a steady witness. We are grateful for those who provide support and help in ways large and small. May we be present, open, and willing so that we, too, might bear witness to the gospel of Christ Jesus. Amen.

One thought on “Lenten Devotion 4.16.2022”

  1. Thank you Pastor Kim for the beautiful Lenten Devotions. You are one of those very special women -always witnessing and serving. Lakewood is so blessed to have had you leading us for over two decades. I may not be right there in the midst, but I am there in spirit with the amazing women and men of our powerful little church. Have a wonderful Easter celebration. You are all in my heart.❤


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