Sermon 12.18.22

Date: December 18, 2022 Intergenerational Worship

Scripture Lesson: ‘Jesus Is Born’ from the children’s Bible by Desmond Tutu

Sermon: Oh, Baby!

Pastor: Rev. Kim P. Wells

This is the season when we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus, so I want
to tell you a baby story.
Many years ago, we had a family in the church that was expecting a baby. It turns
out that they had not only one baby but two. Twins! A boy and a girl. A few days
after the babies were born, I went with Jeff, my spouse, to the hospital to visit the
mother and father, and to meet the two new babies. I had never seen baby twins
before. I was very excited.
We got to the hospital and the mom and dad were in the room and so were the
babies. After greetings and congratulations were shared, the couple asked if we
wanted to hold the babies. Of course! I held one and Jeff held the other. They
were tiny. They were so light, they hardly weighed a thing! They could not talk
not walk or laugh — yet — but they were still so beautiful!
Babies are weak, they are needy, they want to eat all the time and they have to be
fed. And then since they can’t use the toilet, they need their diapers changed.
Many, many, many diapers. Babies can’t wash up. Or put on their clothes. Or
pick up their toys. They are useless, needy, and demanding. But they are also
cute, warm, and, somehow, lovable. Maybe we just feel drawn to a creature that
needs so much help!

So, Jeff and I were in the hospital room, holding those twin babies, and a doctor
and a nurse and an aide came in and they were talking with the parents and taking
care of business. No one was paying any attention to us, off to the side, holding
the babies. So I said to Jeff, “We could just leave. Take them with us. We know
what to do with a baby.”
Of course that would be crazy and we would never do that. But how did I even
have such a wild idea? Well, a baby will do that to you. Just give you crazy ideas
and change your life. That weak, vulnerable, little being, just tugs at the heart
strings and overpowers you. It’s not logical. It can’t really be explained. The
power of a baby. They are just irresistible and precious. Tiny miracles.
So I am wondering about some of your stories about baby encounters. When have
you been taken in by a baby? When has a baby made an impression on you? Have
you seen a baby that has just captured your heart?
Stories from the congregation

Isn’t it amazing how these little creatures make an impact on us and just take us
down to pure love. Period.
In the Bible, in the stories of the birth of Jesus, we are told that in Jesus God was
entering the world to show us that we are loved and that we are created to love
each other.

We learn from the Bible that God had been trying for a long time to get this
message of love across to people. God tried kings and rulers, and priests, and
military leaders, and all kinds of people, to try to show us that we are loved and
that we are created to love each other. But somehow, people forget, or get busy
with other things. So, we are told that God decided to come in Jesus to show us
about love.

Now when you think about it, a story about a baby being born in a barn amongst
the animals, to parents far away from home, that is a story that draws us in. It

makes us care. We pay attention. We feel love and caring for this little weak,
needy, demanding baby and the parents. This story tugs at our hearts. God makes
it easy for us to want to love that baby and the parents. That baby makes it easy for
us to accept the love God has for us.
God comes to us in Jesus. And the story of the baby Jesus captures our hearts and
shows us who we are and why we are here. To love.
A baby is easy to love. We want to love a baby. Look how I wanted to take those
newborn babies right out of the hospital! I fell in love. Right then and there. And
with someone else’s baby. A baby makes it easy to learn about love.
That’s why we are here. To love.
Now I want you to look around at everyone who is here. It’s ok to turn around in
your seat. To crane your neck. Take a good look all around. Everyone here, every
single person in this room, was once a baby. Every person we know was once a
baby. Everyone on the earth, all 8 billion people, every one was once a baby. Just
like Jesus. And so were you! So let that baby into your heart this Christmas
season. Love is waiting to be born. Amen.

A reasonable effort has been made to appropriately cite materials referenced in
this sermon. For additional information, please contact Lakewood United Church
of Christ.

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