Advent Devotion 10

Tuesday Dec. 6, 2022

In today’s world, we are practically forced to use GPS. Whatever program it is, I am sure that most of us are using one. In part we must use GPS because paper maps are harder to come by. And the assumption has become that we will be using GPS, so we get directions and information accordingly.

As you can probably tell, I don’t like using GPS. I use it. I know how to do it. I can see certain advantages that it provides. But I use it grudgingly. And I miss my maps.

I am involved on a regular basis with family members who constantly use GPS to steer their lives. Even when going places they have been over and over. Places they go on a regular basis. And if there is someone in the car who knows EXACTLY where to go and can instruct and inform the driver, the GPS is still on. As back up. We won’t digress into how scientists say this is changing our brains and not for the better.

But here is one plus for GPS. Re-routing. When you make a wrong turn or when there is a traffic snarl, there is an immediate re-routing. A new path. A better way.

As we think about seeking Christ this advent season, part of the journey is repentance. The word repent is key to the preaching of John the Baptizer and it is part of Jesus’ first teaching. And what does ‘repent’ mean? Change direction. On our journey seeking Christ, it is often necessary to repent. To come to terms with how we are off track. To seek forgiveness. And to try to get back on the path of Divine Love. We can find ourselves off in the weeds. Or heading in the wrong direction. And we need to repent and change course. We need to re-route.

So this Advent season is a time to look around. Consider. Take in the signs. See where we are headed. And then to be open to course correction. To rerouting as needed. GPS will probably not show you the way on this journey. But prayer, quiet, journaling, walking, music, church, therapy, the Bible, spiritual direction, these tools may help you to see where you are and where you are heading and make any course corrections needed.

Don’t be afraid. You can do it. Even without GPS!


May we be open to seeing where we are and where we are heading. May we train our sights on Divine Love. May we rely on Christ for rerouting. Amen.

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