Advent Devotion 9

Monday Dec. 5, 2022

This season as we think about seeking Christ, it is natural that we associate the presence of Christ with the church or with a temple or sanctuary. But as we read the gospels, we see that Jesus’ ministry was carried out not only in a religious building. We are told that he fed people on the hillside. And cooked fish on the beach. And healed people as he was walking from village to village. We are told that he ministered to people at dinner in a home. And that he taught from a boat on the lake. And that he confronted evil spirits in a cemetery. In Jesus Christ we see that the powerful love of God is not limited to certain people or certain places. It is available everywhere for everyone and for all of Creation.

As we seek Christ this season, we can think about expecting to experience the love of Christ in school, at the gym, on a walk, at the beach, at work, at a concert, or a meal. And, of course, in church. God wants to make it easy for us to access Divine Love: Everywhere. Anywhere. Always.


In these busy days of Advent, may we remember to seek the spirit of Christ at all times and in all places. There are no limits to the presence of Divine Love. May we be always ready and willing and open. Amen.

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