Advent Devotion 3

Nov. 29, 2022

In this season of seeking Christ, I am thinking about how we look for something. Sometimes we think about where we have seen it last, or where we were when we used the thing we are looking for.

In the gospels we are told that Jesus the Christ came to seek and to save the lost. So we might think about seeking Christ where Christ is most needed. Among the least and the lost.

Where do you feel Christ is most needed in today’s world? In your community? In your life?

Maybe we can think about seeking Christ where Christ is most needed.

Is that around climate change? Or economic justice? Or around guns and violence and war? Or racism? Or around personal fear and alienation? Or? Or? Or?

Where is Christ needed today? Thinking about that may help us as we seek Christ.


May we look with compassion upon the world around us and at our own lives. Where is the manifestation of Divine Love needed? What would it look like to find Christ there? Amen.

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