Advent Devotion 2

Nov. 28, 2022

In this season of seeking Christ, we give some consideration to what we know of Christ. What are we looking for? How will we know?

The Christian church bears the name of Christ, the church of Jesus Christ, and yet the church is associated with much that is in conflict with the nature of Christ.

In a church in Spain there is a fresco of a scene of violence and death – the Christian people eradicating the Moors. In the painting on a prominent wall on the main sanctuary there is a depiction of the decapitation of a child. What in heavens name is a painting like that doing in a church dedicated to Jesus Christ, the embodiment of love and peace? I can’t imagine going to church in that sanctuary in view of that painting which I consider to be in complete conflict with the values and teachings of Jesus the Christ.

There are many actions and beliefs associated with the church of Jesus Christ that are not consistent with the teaching of Jesus.

So, as this season begins, we think about what we associate with Christ. Who is Christ to us? What do we associate with Christ? That might help us with seeking Christ: To give some consideration to what it is that we are seeking.


In these long advent nights, may we ponder that nature of Christ. Are we following a light that will lead us to Divine Love? Amen.

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