Advent Devotion 1

Nov. 27, 2022

Today the advent season begins. It is a season of spiritual preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The birth of Jesus. We celebrate the birth of Jesus because in him we see the embodiment of Divine Love in human form. We are celebrating the manifestation of the spirit of Divine Love among us. We celebrate the birth of Jesus because to us, Jesus is the Christ. The messiah. The expression of full potential of our humanity. He shows us what God is all about and who we are.

So the theme for this season at Lakewood is Seeking Christ. It is a time to think about how we see Divine Love in Jesus, and how that helps us to see Divine Love at work in the world around us as well as within us and among us.

The Sundays in Advent, we light a candle each week to help us mark the time until Christmas. So, this first Sunday of Advent, you are invited to light a candle, wherever you are. Light a candle and pause a moment to think about how the light of God has been made manifest to you.


In these darkening days of Advent, may we seek Christ in the past, in the present moment, in ourselves and in one another. Amen.

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