Operation Attack Update

Happy New Year!!!  We hope everyone has had a Happy and Healthy start to 2023.  Operation Attack is still sharing God’s Abundance with our Neighbors because of your love and support.  We continue to provide a Choice Food Pantry every Thursday from 4:30-6:30.  For the last five months we have provided food for an average of 182 families and 555 individuals per month. Our food still comes from the SPFC Jared Community Food Bank and YOU, our generous supporting churches, groups and individuals. Excess produce and perishables continue to be given to COSA/PAR, Enoch Davis Community Center, Little Food Pantries and TCRC/Therapeutic Community and Recreation Center.  Pastor Phil still picks up food every Thursday morning from the Jared Warehouse and members of the American Baptist Church of the Beatitudes faithfully distribute the food on Thursday afternoon.  We continue to get the best prices on food at Gulfport SaveALot, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Kroger.

Now for something new!!! Operation Attack was blessed to be the recipient of donations from the Micah Project, a seminary assignment of Courtney Jones.   We received food, diapers, wipes, books and money.  Michelle Hughes and Bob Ponder, friends from Gulfport Presbyterian Church, are new OA volunteers. Bob works at Operation Attack on Thursday’s from 4:30-6:30.  Michelle shops for food, makes hygiene bags, and does morning set up.  We are very fortunate to have their support of our work in the community.

Due to a decline of financial resources we are not providing electric assistance at this time.  We are also limiting the number of food and hygiene items each client can have and will continue to provide diapers and wipes as long as the supply lasts.  We feel these interventions will help us sustain our ability to provide food to people in our community who are struggling.  We also hope, with your support, our monetary, food, and diaper/wipe donations improve so we will be able to add services in the future. 

Thank you for All the Different Ways You Demonstrate Your Love of God and the people we serve.Diane Klamer/Lead Volunteer  

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