Devotion 3 – 2015

On Wednesday night, the church had the annual Ash Wednesday service at the home of a parishioner, outside around a fire along the seawall. There was a chill in the windy air. The service ended with communion. The chalice filled with juice and a basket of bread was passed from person to person as people served communion to one another. The last people to be served were my husband and I sitting at the end of the row. Jeff held out the chalice and the basket of bread, saying “Taste the promises of God” as we had been instructed to do. I took a piece of bread and went to dip it in the juice as we had been instructed to do. But the piece of bread fell into the cup. How could that have happened? I giggled and probably rolled my eyes. My first thought was, “So, it’s come to that already.” I took another piece of bread, dipped it, and ate it.

Lent, this season of wilderness time, is a reminder of stark realities. We probably don’t have the grip on things that we think we do. Regardless of what we may want to believe, we are actually not in control. Lent is a time to let the weight of all those expectations be lifted and to be free.

Lectionary readings for the day:

Psalm 25:1-10
Daniel 9:15-25a
2 Timothy 4:1-5

[These daily readings are from the Consultation on Common Texts.]

Prayer: Let go and let God! Amen.

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