Devotion 4 – Lent 2015

As Lent begins, the country is blanketed in cold. Record low temperatures and snowfalls top the news. Well, even here in Florida it has been cold, relatively speaking. At the outdoor Ash Wednesday service people came bundled up in coats, hoods, scarfs, hats, gloves, and blankets. In the dark with all of the cold weather gear, it was hard to tell who everyone was. Even people we knew well were hard to identify submerged beneath a hat and hood and muffler.

This image reminds us of what can happen to us as we make our way through life. We bundle up. We cover ourselves in ways that shield who we really are. We protect ourselves with images and facades. We become layered with the images others have of us. Our true self gets hidden not only from others but sometimes from ourselves.

Lent is a time to notice those layers and covers and shells. It is a time to cast off what no longer fits or is needed. It is a time to come clean. To unburden. To shed. It is a season to pare back, dig down, and rediscover who we really are finding that divine image that may be buried under the layers of our lives.

Lectionary Readings for the day:

Psalm 25:1-10
Psalm 32
Matthew 9:2-13

Prayer: May we rediscover who we really are this Lenten season. Amen.

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