Advent Devotion 24

Christmas Cactus

When I went outside this morning to get the newspaper I looked at the two Christmas cactus plants on our porch. One bloom on each plant has opened! And there are many more to come. It’s like being allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. It’s just a glimpse of what’s ahead.

How did these plants know to begin opening on Christmas Eve? How did they know it was the right moment? How is it that they are timed just right?

Christmas knows. After recent weeks of acrimony over the impeachment of Donald John Trump how did Christmas know to come? To bring the cheer of music and parties? To come with the distraction of decorations and presents? How did Christmas come just when we needed it? This most celebrated holiday in the world came right on time to upstage our political and moral morass.

Christmas is exactly what we need. Right now. So, celebrate!

Christmas comes. Whether we are ready or not. And it is exactly what we need. Amen.

Author: Rev. Wells

Pastor of Lakewood United Church of Christ since 1991. Graduate of Wellesley College and Union Theological Seminary of New York.

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