Advent Devotion 23

Three Marys?  And a woman Joseph?

Yep.  Yesterday when we formed an impromptu nativity scene at church, we had three people, women, who wanted to be Mary.  So we had three Marys.  How wonderful to have three people willing to birth love into the world?  Willing to be God bearers!  Preachers joke about how many young women the angel Gabriel had to visit before he got to Mary, of Nazareth, in Galilee, who finally said YES!  And we had three people say yes in church yesterday!  Amen to that!

And we had one person who wanted to be Joseph.  Joseph who listened to his dreams and followed God’s guiding.  Joseph who put his pride and image aside to do God’s will and be part of God’s plans.  Joseph who also said YES to God’s hopes and dreams no matter the personal cost.  To have one person who wanted to be Joseph, that is wonderful!  And who says it has to be a man that listens to dreams and obeys?  In our nativity, it was a woman.  Because we know a woman can be the head of a household, and support a family, and provide for children, and earn a living, and be a good role model, and protect those under her care.  That is what Joseph is known for and that is what women today do each and every day. 

We also had lots of shepherds, angels, and those bearing gifts.  And we had the animals; eye witnesses to all that God is about.  It was a beautiful scene reminding us that an ancient story can still inspire us today in our age of social media and artificial intelligence.

Prayer May we pay attention and accept the gifts we are being given this Christmas.  Amen.

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