Music at Lakewood UCC for Black History Month, 2022

Feb 6, 2022 
PRELUDE:Tender Thought (from Ten Short Essays) – Ulysses Kay (USA 1917-95)
MUSIC:Lullaby – Bangambula Vindu (Congo b.1953)
MUSIC:Lead Me, Guide Me – Doris M. Akers (USA b.1922)
MUSIC:Dancing Barefoot in the Rain (from African Sketches) –  Nkeiru Okoye (Nigeria/USA b.1972)
OFFERTORY:Sweet Mister Jelly Roll (from Portraits in Jazz) – Valarie Capers (USA b.1935)
PREP FOR PRAYER:Deep River – African-American spiritual (USA)
POSTLUDE:Maple Leaf Rag – Joplin (USA)
Feb 13, 2022 
PRELUDE:Soufiane (from Mekta’ in the Art og Kita’ Book 2) – Halim El-Dabh (Egypt b.1921)
MUSIC:Piano Piece No. 2, Call and Response – Robert Mawuena Kwami (Ghana 1954-2004)
MUSIC:God’s Eye Is On the Sparrow – Charles H. Gabriel  (USA © 1905)
MUSIC:The Monk (from Portraits in Jazz) – Valarie Capers (USA b.1935)
OFFERTORY:Off-Beat Shorty (from Faces of Jazz) – Hale Smith (USA b.1925)
PREP FOR PRAYER:Precious Memories – Roberta Martin & Mrs. Georgia Jones (© 1939)
POSTLUDE:Easy Winners – Joplin (USA)
Feb 20, 2022 
PRELUDE:Lullaby (from Preludes in African Rhythm) – Isak Roux (South Africa b.1959)
MUSIC:Dusk (from African Sketches) – Nkeiru Okoye (Nigeria/USA b.1972)
MUSIC:Peace in the Valley – Thomas A. Dorsey (USA © 1939)
MUSIC:Builsa Work Song (from Twelve Pedagogical Pieces) –  J. H. Kwabena Nketia (Ghana b.1921)
OFFERTORY:Kwela No. 1 –  Isak Roux (South Africa b.1959)
PREP FOR PRAYER:Just a Closer Walk with Thee – anonymous (USA)
POSTLUDE:The Entertainer  – Joplin (USA)
Feb 27, 2022 
PRELUDE:My Scarf Is Yellow – Hale Smith (USA b.1925)
MUSIC:Until I Found the Lord – Clara Ward (USA 1924-1973)
MUSIC:Precious Lord, Take My Hand – Thomas A. Dorsey  (USA © 1932)
MUSIC:Ticklin’ Toes – Florence B. Price (USA 1887-1952)
OFFERTORY:Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus – André Crouch (USA b.1945)
PREP FOR PRAYER:Oh, To Be Kept by Jesus – Thurston Frazier (USA © 1966)
POSTLUDE:Sunflower Slow Drag – Joplin (USA)

 from the Oxford Press collection: Piano Music of Africa and the African Diaspora

from The African American Heritage Hymnal

Author: Hilton Kean Jones

Composer and performer, retired college music professor, lyricist.

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